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What every woman should hear

I love you so dearly and so deeply that I can't imagine a day without you. When I wake each morning my first thought is of seeing your face and when I lay my head down at night my thoughts are on the warmth of your touch. My days are sustained only by the hope of hearing your laughter and of seeing your eyes alight at some kindness I've performed. I desire nothing more than being your hero, every day, to my dying breath.

When you are pained I will be swift to action and when you are happy I will be still as to enjoy your smile. I will be the one to kiss away the tears even if I am also the one who caused them. I am the one that will delight in your bellows of laughter even if that are at my expense.

I will be all things to you when you need them of me; friend, lover, pastor, father, brother, partner, teacher. Not a day will pass that I am not striving to meet your needs. Not an hour will go by that my life is not yours. So when you see me as petty, when you see me as selfish, understand that it is a passing moment in the lifetime that I have given to you. That outburst and that anger is the slightest defect in an otherwise perfect concerto played just for you, only for you, my love.

And some day when you've tired of me or I've long since passed away, think fondly of me. Do not focus on what you could have done differently, but instead on those perfect moments of laughter and happiness and solace. Remember those moments that I strove for each day. For it is in those days that I live, blissfully, yours, and loved.

My life for yours, forever.