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The No Win Argument

Ever have one of those arguments that you realize right away that despite the person saying "I want this to be a discussion" the truth is that they just want it their way. I just had one such argument. It sets the dynamic for the whole day in my household.

Argument dujour is about school lunches and the economics of buy at school versus make at home. Now every financial website I've been to points out that one of the easiest places to cut corners is in the area of lunches by packing kids lunches and taking your own lunch to work. Regardless, my wife is of the opinion that we should price everything out and determine on our own whether it's cost effective. I'm not necessarily opposed to that, but it seems silly to go through that effort just to find out that every financial and wealth management site as well as a whole host of parenting sites are right.

So in having our discussion what it really came down to was that my eife didn't want to have to take on the additional effort of planning out the meals, dealing with the kids complaining about the meal plan, or having to take on the effort of putting the meals together. She's got 17 hours worth of classes this semester and it's just too much. Easy fix. I'll do it.

Of course it doesn't stop the pissy attitude and the day of anger from her not getting her way. Oh well. C'est la vie.

The more frustrating part is when I'm told that I need to go somewhere today because the household can't handle the stress level. This because I'm barking at children to get their chores done so maybe we can have a stress free and fun evening on my first day of vacation. 'Tis to laugh. I'm just going to shake it off. I'm going to go to the credit union, check on some refinancing options for the house and maybe a car loan and try to have as stress free of a day as I can.