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Nothing Stronger than Gentleness

I'm finding the hardest thing about trying to make new friends is the act of being vulnerable. I refuse to try to sell someone a bill of goods that doesn't exist. Here I am, chubby, angry, geeky, romantic, obsessed, witty, belligerent, for all to see.

I've already had a ton of rejections from the and I'm sure to have plenty more. The only reassurance is that as this process continues I'll collect a friend here and there, and those friends will be the ones that truly get me. Those will be the people that stick with me through the ups and downs of my life. I can only hope to be as great a friend in turn.

So here's to vulnerability and to risk and hopefully to eventual reward. And thanks to Angela, Katie, Mani, Jennifer, and Jessie for opening up and starting the process with me. It's sure to be a grand adventure. ;)