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Patience - It's a virtue right?

Just after a demo meeting on Friday my wife called from somewhere near Table Rock Lake. She was lost. When I asked what she needed she said "I need to get from where I am to where I need to be." HA! Smart ass!

So I went back to to the office, pulled up Sprint Family Locator, pulled up Google Maps, and pulled up the state park map. I asked her to walk out of the store she was in, face the street and tell me what was to her left and her right. What I got was "There's a McDonald's, a fire station, a [insert laundry list of buildings without location or orientation]."

So I try to keep my calm and walk through step by step. The more calm and specific I am the more angry and confused she gets. So very, VERY frustrating. I finally get her on the road and toward the campgrounds. I give her the last of the directions, just two turns left; Pass the convention center, turn right onto 265, go across the dam, turn right at the marina, the marina is right next to the campground. Just remember "convention center, dam, marina". Then I got accused of treating her like a child and making it like Dora the Explorer. Regardless I convinced her that she could make it and to call me when she reached the campground.

During the call the ladies in the room with me are giggling about how their significant others would have responded to a similar call. Knowing that I'm already cranky and have a headache Cyndi hops up and gives me a little shoulder squeeze while I'm directing. After the call they compliment me on how patient I was and how nice I stayed in the call. A stark contrast between how they interpreted the conversation and my wife did.

It's so frustrating to get compliments about how patient I am, what a good husband I am, how incredible it is all the things that I do for my wife and yet NONE of those compliments come from my wife. It's a thankless job I guess. I just don't know how to deal with the disconnect anymore. Is it really that others only see me at my best and she sees me only at my worst, or is her filter, because of her own childhood issues, just skewed so far that she can't see the positives of what I do.

Frustrating when patience is a virtue that people relish and yet my ample supply seems to go, not unnoticed but quite possibly derided.