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We were resigned to watching the planet from a distance. Two hundred years ago the planet had been our home, not our original home, Earth, but the only home most of us had ever known. War had driven us away, out among the other planets and asteroids of the Kuninos system. A war like none we had ever experienced. A war of machines against man.

At first the problems were random. A service bot poked its owner hard enough to bruise, then suddenly hundreds of bots were doing the same thing. The bots were serviced and flashed and fine for months. Then just as suddenly worse behavior occurred, this time more violent and damaging and among a wider population of bots. Bots of all types began to be recalled by the major manufacturers until the bots began to fight back against being flashed and stored.

The military were eventually called in and things escalated further. The bots began modifying themselves and other bots, finding new ways to defend themselves. Then as the military scaled up the attack the bots began to amass to a central location. It was just about the same time that the bots went from defense to attack mode. The attacks were random and childlike at first, slow, clumsy, without seeming to have an interest in hurting anyone. Then as the military increased the response the bots became deadly, purposefully deadly. Each round of clashes saw new and more horrific modifications.

The first couple of phases the robots seemed to focus on one-on-one combat and taking out individual targets. Then the focus shifted to two or more close targets and then to three to five and then again expanding to taking out a dozen or more people. It became an ever escalating and more gruesome warfare. It was almost like a competition to the robots as to how to become more depraved with each successive evolution.

As soon as the military would destroy a round a new round would emerge, stronger than the last, more adept at killing. Variations would appear, support bots, defense bots, repair bots and so on. Never ending wave after wave advanced and there was nothing we could do about it.

Inevitably the decision was made to abandon some areas. Asia was the first to fall and be abandoned