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Better Seen Than Heard

"See what you've done. See what you cause when you say stuff!" was the angry challenge I received as I walked out the door and noticed our neighbor walking back toward her home. I had been about to ask "would you like a frosty beverage?" Instead I'm greeted with what equated to "YOU MORON! DON'T SPEAK!" So I slunk back into the house, the offer of a frosty beverage withdrawn.

What prompted this assail was the fact that my daughter had come home at about a little after 12 and asked to go back out again with her friends. I looked at the clock and said, "Yes, but you'll have to hurry. I think your mother said you had a cookie booth at 1." To that I added, "you'll see her when you go around the block. Make sure to ask her when you see her."

Well, my daughter didn't talk to my wife and instead told the neighbor who talked to another neighbor and everyone got freaked out prompting hasty phone calls and an impromptu visit from one neighbor frantic to find out if she had gotten the time wrong. Prompting a quick reprimand from my wife for speaking out of turn. Obviously I should have listened to the schedule of the days events and not attempted at any point to impart them to anyone. Being the weaker sex, my addled brain mixed up the time that Alia was going to cookie booth and Kat was going to cookie pantry. Better that I should just be the silent type and speak only when spoken to. :P