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Anxiety exchanged for a smile
Courage presents herself in black sheer
Flaws hidden in shadows
Doubts put aside, but not the fear

A momentary happiness
But the mirror reflects the mix
An eager smile returned
A frown for what she cannot fix

How easy it had been
To lay her heart out bare
But not so with her body
So why would she dare

But the deed is done quick
And with loving intents
All that she is and is not
To him she presents

Then courage is rewarded
With his eyes joyful and warm
His arms open in welcome
To her lace covered form

I was thinking about the courage it takes, women more so than men, to present themselves in various states of nudity to their partners. There's such a disparity between what women think men want and what men really want. There's even a disparity between what men say they want and what they really seek. When it comes down to it, despite any flaw what a man wants most is the woman he loves. The man's moment of courage is in saying so.