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Fixed Points

Two fixed points
In two universes
Seperated lives
In the same space

Never touching
Always circling
Parallel lives
A universe apart

Whispered words
Loving sentiments
Lost to space

Two living hearts
Out of phase
Two souls
Separated by nothing

Always ready
To engulf each other
In furious destruction
Ruining two universes

Creating a new third
Combining, splitting,
On and on and on
Until the light fades

Two hearts
Words brought to life
Whispering in darkness
Waiting for the light

Inspired by just the title of another poem by juniorrobin on As I wrote this there are so many stories that could be read into the words. You can look at this from the perspective of two people who admire each other but never speak of it, or of two people wanting the same thing but not finding it until serendipity intervenes, or about the natural cycle of marriage waxing and waining and eventually coming full circle, or it can be seen as a dating couple who eventually marry and produce a child. I could go on and on. But draw out your own interpretations.