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Sitting across the table from her, he asked
"So what are your intentions towards my heart"
With a smile she replied
"Oh, nothing but good, sir. Nothing but good."
"You don't plan on stealing it do you?"
"Stealing? No? I'd never steal it."
"Ripping it out? Tearing it apart?"
"Oh no, I wouldn't dream of it. How horrible!"
"You're not one of those that would leave it empty are you?"
he said with a disapproving stare
"No. No I plan on keeping it full all the time."
She said with a nervous grin.
"You'll bring it back?"
"Better than before, sir."
"Okay" he said hesitantly "Well, here you go.
And be careful with it!"
"You bet!" She says with glee as she leaves.
Then comes a knock
A halting knock.... knock.... knock at the door.
He opens the door slowly, a witness to carnage
Seeing the scattered pieces of heart he pleads
"What did you do?!"
"Don't blame me!
You left all this stuff in the way
How did I know it would break so easy?"
Throwing the pieces of heart back at him
"You've got some nerve" as she stomps away.
So there he was again
back to mending a broken heart