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In Weary Repose

In weary repose I dreamed
    of a life like no other
In which you loved me
    without a thought of another
It was a life marked strongly
    by laughter, by happiness, and by joy
And in it there was beauty enough
    to launch all the ships of Troy
That beauty was you,
    your love so freely given
And the sweetness of your voice
    to which I am smitten to listen

And upon reluctantly awaking
    from my joyous repose
I am encouraged in finding
    the eager lips that I cannot oppose
By dreaming with eagerness
    my dream has been made real
So from those loving eager lips
    a kiss I will happily steal
And that kiss I will hold
    for forever and for a day
And to my love that gave it
    I will gladly give the same way