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Pot - Kettle - Both Black

I've been reading a lot of... well... CRAP lately. Political crap, religious crap, atheist crap, scientologist crap. It's all crap.

I loved a particular quote I saw because of its shear hypocrisy:

"Religious people look upon non-believers with utter contempt, even if masked by a veil of patronizing benevolence. (..) An atheist's explanation for something will always be far more plausible than anything the religion-addled brain can come up with."

So decry the fact that SOME religious people look on atheists with contempt and then turn about and do the same thing that you despise. Great example of how good and noble and intelligent atheists can be. Wow, I should become an atheist, they sure are smart compared to us addle brain religious folk.

What angers me is that neither sees the cycle of abuse. The religious-right look down upon WHOEVER. The reasoning-right look down upon WHOEVER. They both have a superiority complex the size of a planet. They both feed hate and ignorance while claming to do just the opposite. That's what happens when dealing with extremists and fundamentalists I guess.

I'm an odd sort of Christian. I believe in God, I follow the teachings of Jesus, but I don't believe that Jesus was God. I don't feel it's necessary to take on that belief. Of course the religion says you must submit to that "fact" before you can have a relationship with God. Fortunately for me all those rules were written by men with their own agendas and I believe one very clear statement from Jesus "For your hardness of heart, he wrote you this commandment". How many similar things in the Bible do we take as God's own word yet are simply the word of man.

I hear people quote Paul constantly as argument for or against some practice. What they often don't realize is that they are quoting passages where Paul specifically says that he is speaking on his own behalf and not being lead by God. They are quoting his opinions as if they were law.

Likewise the atheist communities adhere to the words of their holy books by Dawson and others and happily quote and misquote their own set of would be prophets. They hide their hate behind the label of "reason" and fall into the same traps as their religious counterparts. They both attempt to define a black and white world. They both attempt to reinforce their own vision of the "truth". At the same time they negate anyone elses "truth". They label those other "truths" as false, vile, and evil.

I despise both sides equally. Neither side shows any real carrying or humanity. They're extremists with an agenda to convert the world and recreate it in their own image. What a beautiful, sick, and fucked up world it would be. Think about it. You could have the religious right on one side allowing millions of people to die because "it's God's will" or "they have the gay plague". Or on the other hand you could have some reasonable atheists saying it's okay because it's population control and part of natural selection to let the weaker die off.

Meanwhile the moderates, both Christian and Atheist sit here in the middle worrying about who's going to screw up the world the worst. And since we're moderates we're also the enemy. Because if we can't commit fully and without comprimise then we might as well be helping THE enemy. Both extremists side spout this same rhetoric. Sad really that they can't see it for what it is... CRAP.