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Dream a little dream

I climbed the few feet to the top of the rocks, to find those beautiful eyes. Eyes I saw so clearly... could remember so well. Round, blue eyes, steely cold at first, with a hint of anger, which soon turned to sadness and then to joy. The feelings hit my heart in the few seconds that I witnessed the changes.

I had to find the eyes and to whom they belonged.I had to question, to hold, to look and see what it was, who it was.

I stood at the top now and looked about. No one... empty... desolate... Just the lapping of the water below and the twinkle of the stars above. I looked again to the far off moon, hovering silently over the water, like a poised protector. Was I like the moon, hovering, waiting, protecting. But protecting who?

A scuffing sound, a scratching sound, behind me... but I did not turn for fear of scaring off the subject of my quest. Patiently I waited, my heart pounding beneath my check, pulse racing as each second passed. I tuned my sense to the extreme to hear the soft footsteps, the gentle breath, the faint scent carried to me by the wind, it all told me so much.

The slight scent of sweat showing nervousness, or was it exertion? The soft lingering scent of a woman, a buried scent, impossible to explain, a scent that stokes the fires of the heart.

A hand touched my back, yet I did not flinch, I had to stand fast. The hand touched again, gingerly... probing... Slowly it became more confident. Then suddenly it became two hands, reaching around my back, crossing my chest, pulling tightly. A warm cheek between my shoulders and the feel and smell and sounds of warm, wet, salty tears soaking into the back of my shirt. The feel of gentle kisses against my back, loving kisses.

A soft voice spoke slowly, quietly, "I knew you would come, I knew you would." The arms pull tighter threatening to squeeze the breath from me. "I knew you would come."

Warm hands pull at mine, pulling toward the shadow of a rock. I am pulled down into warmth and comfort, pillows, blankets, the raw stuff of love? I do not know...