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I hate spite. I hate when people are purposefully mean to one another for no other reason that to be mean and hurt the other person. It's rude and disrespectful and doesn't show love or compassion for your fellow man. It doesn't gain anything but hurt. It doesn't correct any bad behavior. It just brings more and more and more pain and destroys trust.

I get being frustrated when you don't get your way. I get being upset that something you wanted to happen won't happen exactly as you want it. I get being disappointed if someone lets you down. But when you are given the choice between A) a slightly modified night that will still be fun with family or B) a night alone filled with animosity and frustration.

I don't get it. I could be loving on someone right now and instead I'm sitting alone.

Silly waste of precious little time we have and a horrible way to end my vacation :(