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Random idea for a story

Jolly Roger was not jolly at all. From sunrise to sunset he went about his business with a permanent look of frustration on his face. It may have been from the fact that people called him jolly or Roger, or assumed that his mood was due to him being English. None of these things were actually true.

Jolly Roger's name Aodh Rued, which some people wanted to pronounce Ode Red or Old Red. Which suited his fire red hair and his temperament more so than Jolly Roger did. However, he was very quick to correct those people so that they never repeated the mispronunciation. Aodh was an old family name, and should be treated with respect, he would tell them, "It's pronounced 'ee'" in his odd accent that everyone assumed was some English accent like cockney, only worse. He was equally as quick to correct them about being English, although never enough to tell anyone where he was really from.

People just assumed, not just from his slightly Dickensian demeanor, but also from the little bowler hat he always wore, his three piece suit, his well manicured beard and wax tipped mustache, and the fact that he always carried an umbrella. It all gave that English gentleman vibe.

But it was clear that Aodh wasn't a gentleman. His bowler was always tipped to the front of his forehead to the point where it looked like it could fall at any moment. He never removed it, whether inside or in the presence of a lady or while eating, or for anything. In fact when he walked he always looked like he was falling forward trying to keep up with the thing. Plus he never ever used his umbrella, even when it rained. He just carried the thing around like a baseball player carries a bat to the batter's box, a tight grip on the handle, a little swing as he walked, never touching the ground with it, just enough to keep people out of his way.

And Aodh walked everywhere. He was up first thing in the morning, walking out of his little antique shop, and out all day scouring the city for antiques. No one ever saw him take a taxi, or get on a bike, or go anywhere near a car. He just went about his business and people left him to it.

Everyone assumed that the antique business was a front for some sort of mob or organized crime syndicate. Their guess was that Jolly Roger was some sort of enforcer or collector. He was short and stocky and mean looking and had fists as big around as someone's head. But the reality was that Aodh was a legitimate collector and trader of antiques. He was a master of finding something he wanted and figuring out creative solutions to getting it without spending money.

Aodh's talent was in trading. He'd find a piece that the owner didn't want to part with, but then find out that the owner had something they wanted even more. He would track down that item, and trade to get it, sometimes dealing with 10-20 different people and trades in order to get that one thing that would get traded for the one thing he really wanted.