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Her eyes sought his over and over. Searching, probing, flicking from one point to another, measuring his expression, studying his face, logging every detail.

Really he had no idea what went through her head in those moments. Was she looking for some sign. Was she looking for him to be looking back at her in some special way. Was she waiting for a smile. Was she looking for some sign of passion.

All he could do is reflect upon her, within her. What was it that she found in that reflection? What happened to the light that bounced from his face off the back of her eyes? What did it stimulate? What complex tangle of neurons fired and which part of her brain lit up as those reflected photons stimulated her retinas.

She was taking in some part of him, something that for a moment belonged to him, and after taking it in he didn't get the reflection back. However it had gone into her, whatever it had transformed into, he couldn't understand it when it came back out... if it came back out.

Her face would not betray the secret of what his reflection became. So instead he waited for the day that his reflection returned with some message from the other side.