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2:30 am and I just finished a 3 hour long conversation with my wife over the parenting of our oldest daughter. It's one of those topics that we've gone back and forth on. Her view point is that I'm overly restrictive, mine is that because of my daughter's numerous past mistakes and deceits, that I need her to do a little more work.

Kat brings her own emotional baggage of a drunken, abusive and restrictive father into the mix. I bring my own emotional baggage of a father who was never there and the lack of any parenting in my mid to late teens.

We need to find some middle ground, but it's difficult to parent around all the baggage. I think we've found some common ground, but I won't know until we have a followup conversation when we are more awake. More on this later. I'm too tired to go into the full discussion.