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Rember Me Not As Patient

Let me not be remembered as a patient man

A meek man, certainly a goal
A considerate man, my highest aspiration
A gentle man, could I want for more
A patient man? Never!

For I want to be seen in all things as eager
For passion to prove purpose
For excitement and ebuliance
For all to be constant synonyms for my name

Let me be remembered for my whit
Let me be thought about in mirth
Let me be known for my smile
Let me be counted on for joy

But do not let me be regarded as patient

Rocks are patient while the water washes them to smooth pebbles
Hills are patient while the wind strips them to sand dunes
Seeds are patient for the water and the fresh tilled earth and the sun,
...until no such nurishment comes...

And so let be be remembered as fidgity
And eager to recieve sustenance
And equally so, eager to sustain in providing
And with merry abandon to love with great impatience