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Love lost

"What should one say about love except that life would be better were it not for love's many pains. Oh people will wax poetic about great achievements, fortunes, and battles won all for the sake of love, but how many explore the failure, the fortunes lost, the countless lives disposed of under the banner of love. How many poets have extolled love's virtues versus how the ones that have decried its pitfalls?

But in asking, one must also ask 'What is the alternative?' Should we expect to dissuade others from seeking love, simply because we have tasted and disdain it. If we so chose, then could we really expect them to follow mere words. Or much like teaching a child the dangers of the flame by putting their hand near something hot, do we also need to let others learn by sampling?

But in allowing them to sample love, even for the briefest moment, do we allow the creation of lifetime addicts. For they will come back to sample time and time again. They will ignore all risk and all punishment to feel a moment of love, a kindness, a touch. Their addiction allows them to see only the positive in love and not it's many ills."