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The Lure Fish

Marconi's eyes slowly adjusted to the dark of the kitchen. He slicked back his hair, soaked by the deluge outside. He had hoped to use the thunderstorm to mask his entry into the house, but hadn't expected how bad it would actually be. Every part of him was soaked to the bone.

None of that mattered anymore. The storm did exactly what he needed it to; provide and excuse for a power outage and just enough noise to mask a breaking pane of glass. Just enough to get him into the house. Now he just needed a weapon something a burglar might grab in a pinch. Then off to the brat's room to clean up that one last loose end.

He chose a suitable knife from the block, one with a blade bigger than the handle so there was less chance of slipping down the handle and cutting himself. He turned the knife over in his hand thinking about the next few steps. He'd have to slip into the boy's room, wake him, make him scream a little before finishing him off. He needed just enough noise to draw that nosy butler in and kill two birds with one stone, or knife as is it were.

A familiar raspy breathing startled him from his machinations. He turned, and before him stood the object of his hate. The brat who refused to die. The boy stood there, just out of arms reach, his scarred body, shirtless and barely discernible in the limited light. The heaving of his breath was his biggest tell. He should have died in the fire that killed his parents, but instead he stood here, half beautiful boy, half scarred freak, with a mind twisted to match his form. Marconi would see to it that he died this time. No more loose ends and all of the family money would fall to Marconi, just as it should.

"So, you've decided then?" the boy rasped.

Marconi smirked. "Yeah kid. I think it's time you and I came to an understanding." As if on cue, lightning struck at the very moment that Marconi lunged with the knife. The light illuminated the glee on Marconi's face as he plunged the knife into the boys chest. But to Marconi's horror it also illuminated the smile on the boys scarred face. It gave him pause before the next flash illuminated the kitchen further, and there, just behind the boy stood his butler, sharing the same horrifying smile.

Marconi struggle to regain his composure. He had lost the element of surprise, and the butler could still escape if he wasn't careful. He pulled the knife, but the boy grabbed him hand and held it there. He was incredibly strong and Marcus found that he couldn't pull back no matter how much he struggled.

The butler began to circle around the boy causing Marconi to become more and more desperate. He didn't understand what was happening. His brain reeled as he was stuck in the grasp of this 75 pound dying boy. But no matter how much he pulled or pushed or angled, the boy held him firmly in place, his hand on the knife and the knife plunged deep in the boys chest.

"So, Marc," the butler taunted, " I see you made your choice. I was afraid there for a moment that you wouldn't have the guts."

"Wha..? You expected me to do this? What kind of sick fuck are you? Are you just going to stand there while the boy dies?" Marcus pleaded, more to be loose from the boy than for the boy's sake.

The butler just circled. "Oh, Marcus! You are so deliciously stupid. I just want to take a few moments to savor you."

"You sick fuck! What the hell is wrong with you?! I swear to God, this kid is going to die and when I'm free I'm going to cut you into tiny little pieces!" Marconi raged.

"What kid? You think that hunk of meat in front of you is a child?"

Marconi stared in horror at the child, or what had been a child. Now, there stood a child shaped blob, a dark outline in the night. Marconi's hand and one arm up to the elbow were buried in that blob. The more he struggled, the more he became embedded. "What... is... this?!" He struggled.

"A necessary illusion." The butler offered. "You did your job well the first time. The boy didn't survive. I visited him in the hospital and did what I could to ease his last few moments. Had he survived, it would have been a painful and miserable existence."

"I don't understand... he was just here. I've been talking to him here in this house for the last month... I... I..." Marconi stumbled to make sense of it all.

"You don't get it, and that is the most yummy part. I always like this part, where I explain it all and my meals begin to stew in their own juices. It really adds to the flavor."

The storm raged outside in equal time to the storm in Marconi's head. He was still struggling but becoming exhausted. His chest was now firmly stuck to the boy blob and he had no wiggle room left. He had to crane is neck at an odd angle to keep track of the moving butler. Then he noticed that the butler himself was beginning to lose shape.

"You see, I'm not the butler you think I am, any more than that appendage you're attached to is the boy you came here to kill. I'm more like a highly specialized lure fish. I have a particular diet that I've grown accustomed to. I'm drawn to people like the boy, people who've been murdered or done wrong. They are convenient lures to the people who wronged them."

"I don't... understanph..." Marconi's face was now stuck to the appendage and becoming more so as he spoke.

"You see. People like you... murderers with big egos. You people don't quit while you're ahead. So I like to draw you back, flavor your meat with a little stress. Then season it some more with a false sense of accomplishment, like the ease with which you made it into the house tonight." The butler blob circled back to his original position. Marconi could see him with just his right eye now, the rest of his face was firmly fixed. "Then just as you, my prey, feels good, I swoop in and crush your spirit and feast on the sweet meat that horror creates in you. You will be most delicious"

In that moment, the lightening struck again and again highlighting something large and scaled with rows and rows of sharp glistening teeth. Marconi looked on in horror as he was pulled slowly into the gaping maw. Any screams he may have loosed were easily covered by the storm.