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Can't have it both ways

There are some in this country that claim we are a Christian nation, founded on Christian ideal, by Christian men and women. Then, almost in the same breath, they decry programs that feed the hungry and offer care for the weak as "over-reaching". Their claim is that these programs should be left to the church and to the good Christian men and women of this land.

The problem with these claims is the fact that it's been left up to those groups for the last few thousand years and what do we still have today; hungry and homeless people. What else do we have; billion dollar mega-churches, cathedrals that took a life time to build, pastors with $5000 suits and multi-million dollar homes. Is that any different than the waste and fraud these groups claim are rampant with the government run system?

You can't say "we believe in Christian ideals; helping the sick, feeding the hungry, and helping the downtrodden" and then say "but not that way" or "not with my money" or "not now." Did Jesus ask for a drug test before he helped someone, did he ask about their resources or income, did he ask for their papers? No... because he was omnipotent? No, because it was the right thing to do. He treated people with dignity and respect. He knew that the people who would come to scam him would show themselves and in the end be their own worst enemies. Yet time and time again we refuse to help people because we're worried about how some small portion of them ("they", "those people", the other) are going to cheat the system and steal OUR hard earned money.

We need to open our hearts. Realize that if we're going to lay claim to the government as an extension of Christianity then it has to operate under the same tenants as Christianity and vice versa. We can't bind the governments hands and say "no you can't, that's for the church". So we need to pick. Are Christians and other religions going to take the job away from the government? Are they going to prove worthy and show the government that those programs don't need to exist? And then are they going to give up on the idea that the government is anything but a secular institution? Or instead are they going to let the government take the same money the people MAY have use to help the homeless, poor and hungry and do that same thing.

What I'd really like to see is religious institutions put their money where there mouth is. I'd like them all to mortgage their properties, downsize their lifestyles, and step up the giving to help people. If those institutions and individuals did this for the people in their communities then who would the government have to service? No one! Then the government would be forced to close shop on those programs. So get to it people. Make those government programs go away the right way. Go out and help people.