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A Christian Nation

Some in the religious/political community would like us to believe that the U.S. was founded as a Christian nation. Their primary claim being that the differences between Christian denominations and sects, English Protestants, French Protestants, Roman Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, Jesuits, Mennonites, and Lutherans, was merely a matter minor procedural differences. After all, they all worshiped the same big "G" God. They don't mention that those minor procedural differences caused each denomination to claim that THEY were the one and only TRUE religion and then use that as a basis for killing one another in ever more horrifying ways for several hundred years.

We, as a nation, and humanity as a whole, have come an incredibly long way from those chaotic times. But we must not forget that we have a very long way to go toward true religious freedom. It's important that each person comes to God (or doesn't) through their own journey and NOT through the force of will of others. Otherwise that relationship is hollow and without fruit.

Hate religion if you choose, but love God, and if you cannot bring yourself to love God, then at least love one another.