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Where's the center?

I'm sick of congress and their partisanship, sick of obstructionism, vile rhetoric, complacency, status quo. I'm tired of being told what a horrible rating our president has (42%) while ignoring the fact that Congress rates in the single digits to low teens (9-13%) with as high as a 82% disapproval rating.

We have a split Congress, a split court, a presidency in contention split right along party lines. We have lost the sense of reason, of civility, of "balance of power", of "will of the people." We're following the ideologues as if INFLEXIBILITY is what this country was founded on. Each side is determined to shove a single point of view down the throat of the other. This is supposed to be a PROGRESSIVE SOCIETY. We all progress together or none of us do! We can't leave the right to their compounds and we can't kick the left out to France. So let's all put on our big boy pants and man up and shake hands and sit down at the table and work on progress.

We're being fed a line that somehow things will be better in a Republican/Democratic controlled Congress. The truth is that we will be better off with representatives who can behave like adults, who can listen to their constituents, who can negotiate and make hard decisions, who can remain positive in impossible situations. We will be better off with representatives who can strike the balance between personal liberty and corporate bottom lines so that society and individuals always end up the winners.

As a society we struggle daily with mixed messages. We hear the "right" decry "wealth redistribution", universal healthcare, welfare, and social safety nets as "infringing on personal liberty" and "attempting to regulate morality" while with the same mouths seeking restrictions on marriage, reproductive rights, immigration and drug use as issues of "morality" that undermine society and must be stopped at all costs. Then we have the "left" that wants to point out how hypocritical the "right" is at the same time that they support indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

To that I ask, where is the "center". Where are the people who are taking into account both sides, both views and attempting to find the give and take necessary to live in free and democratic society. Where are the great negotiators? Is everyone so focused on the sound-bytes that they can't see beyond the 30 second increment that comes after?