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Fixing national debt and entitlement programs

Social Security SUPPLEMENTARY Income = INSURANCE. Everyone pays a little in over time and only a subset draw out. SSSI should be based on need, not just an automatic payout. SSSI funds should be in an account that legislators CANNOT RAID, EVER! One serious problem with SS is that when there's significant money in the account, the government borrows against it with no real plan for how to replace that money.

Medicare and Medicaid... Same thing. Don't automatically cut everyone over to medicaid/medicare. Make it easy to enroll based on need. Look at it as another form of insurance (as it is.)

Entitlement programs should come with incentives. Work with companies to hire people who are on unemployment. The government foots the bill for the first and maybe second pay period and companies get a low cost of on-boarding and a chance to vet employees with minimal cost/risk. At the same time that person who normally would have had a hard to explain gap in employment, eliminates that gap and ideally finds long term employment. Or minimally has some income until they find the right employment for them.

Identify the unemployed and start paid training programs and workshops to retrain them if their chosen line of work is no longer sustainable. Partner with companies to share some of the cost/expertise and give those companies access to a freshly trained and eager labor pool.

The goal of government entitlement programs should be supplementary in nature, short term, or where existing private options are not applicable. They should focus on how to get people back to work as quickly as possible, which in turn keeps tax revenue flowing. Gap work programs should be created to put unemployed people to work maintaining infrastructure, engaging in studies on improving efficiency, all directed toward a single goal.

Entitlement benefits should be, largely, tiered and based on the user's activities. Complete a course, get more benefits, go on interviews, get more benefits. Set ever increasing goals in order to maintain a certain level of benefit before it goes back to some baseline. Possibly with some small reward for getting off of benefits.