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"Many who before regarded legislation on the subject as chimerical, will now fancy that it is only dangerous, or perhaps not more than difficult. And so in time it will come to be looked on as among the things possible, then among the things probable;–and so at last it will be ranged in the list of those few measures which the country requires as being absolutely needed. That is the way in which public opinion is made." - From Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

Imagine that quote in relation to abolition, African-American voting, women's suffrage, desegregation, and more recently marriage equality.

A few short years ago the the statistics may have shown that the majority of Americans were against marriage equality. Now, here we are today, in 2011, with over 50% saying that they are in support and our nation has stepped up with yet another state, the sixth, to declare that couples, regardless of gender, are afforded equal rights under the law. Self-identified conservatives are re-examining their decisions and what the last few years of marriage equality has done to society. The answer more often than not is that the downfall of marriage has not occurred as predicted and that their concerns are now proving unfounded.

I like to see this change. I would love it if we had legislators and officials that could see further ahead and have the fortitude to stand up for human rights well ahead of the majority swinging in that direction, but this will do for now. Hopefully as more states swing, the perceived risk will be so low that the federal government will commit once and for all to marriage equality. Then the next chapter of growth for our nation will be ready to be debated.