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It's complicated

It's complicated making new friends when your daily interactions revolve around work and more work at home. I haven't exactly bonded with any of the kids friends' parents. Mainly because I don't see them often enough to even start a conversation. The people I work with I struggle to find common ground that would allow us to connect outside of work. I like them for the most part, but it's just connecting with them on something that isn't work or kids.

Oh and a big fat PHOOEY to all the people who seem to think that your spouse should somehow be your one and only friend OR that you should co-op all of their friends. That's not sane or reasonable. I'm an individual. I have my own likes and dislikes separate from my spouse. My spouse shouldn't be burdened to constantly entertain me. That's just nonsense.

I'll keep doing the best I can do. I have some great friends spread out all over the place. I love talking to them on the internet. But there's nothing like having a friend you can catch a movie with or see the latest exhibit at the art museum. I miss having someone I can call up and say "hey, wanna hang out" and it not be weird.

I just want that casual comfortable person that I can be myself with. Here's to other hopeful romantics like me out there.