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Crazy week

This week certainly didn't work out as expected. Crazy busy with no sense of accomplishment. Work is... well... it's certainly a challenge from an emotional level. Much more than it should be. It makes me think much more seriously about Jarod Spool's advice regarding winning over executives, summed up as "if they don't get it, it might be time to move on."

Tomorrow I get to try yet again to show management that one or more of the developers that they've chosen to hang on to are actually severely detrimental to the forward moment of any project they are on. What a joy. Twenty years of experience in my field, thirteen years of experience in the company, two years on the current project, and it comes down to me needing to troll through and compile evidence as to why we should not keep particular contractors, despite repeated previous complaints by myself and others on the team for months.

Just amazing.