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On leaving 5 minutes earlier

I broke my daughter Alia's arm. That's the inverted pyramid of it.

We were at a Girl Scout banquet and it had just ended. Cleanup was underway. I was supposed to take a couple of the kids home along with one of their mutual friends. Instead I decided to stay just a little longer to help with cleanup. After all of the tables were cleared away Alia came to me and wanted to be picked up, I acted like I was going to pick her up but tickled her instead. She ended up on the ground. So she put her hand up and asked me to pull her up. I pulled her up quickly and she got a little air time. Then she sat back down and wanted me to use both hand to pull her up. I said no. Then she said "fine, just one hand then" and put her hand up again. I grabbed it and pulled. Just about the time I pulled she turned and said "hey Brittney, watch this" and then she was in the air and I knew we were in trouble. She was twisted, off balance and I had pulled way to hard. She landed with a sickening slap on the tile floor and I knew immediately that she had broken her arm.

We rushed off to the emergency room and got X-Rays and sure enough there was a chip at the end of the radius. I feel horrible for it. Even though I can rationalize that it was an accident. I dislike causing pain to anyone and she's definitely in pain. Not only that but a broken arm right now takes her out of the talent competition at school, out of field day, and limits her activities at scouts, camp-a-rama and possibly even scout camp this summer.

Worse is that if I had left just 5 minutes earlier, like I was supposed to, none of this would have happened.