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So my wife asks "what is a blog"? I gave her that cocked head "did you just fart" look. "Do you read my BLOG?" - "OH! That's what a blog is?!"

I don't think she's read anything out here for a few years. I had to explain that a blog is like a narcissist's diary. Instead of writing about oneself and keeping it secret we just throw it out there for everyone to read, damn the consequences.

Seriously though, it is narcissistic to assume that the things you find important enough to write about will be important to other people. Of course I'm under no such illusion. This blog is for me. I know of only a couple of people who read it. It's the one place I can sit around and write witty repartee and chuckle to myself... and I don't get chided for using the words witty or repartee or the fact that using those words together is redundant. The other great thing is that these words are here for as long as I want them to be, so I can come back anytime and bask in the glory that is me.