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Slipping away

I feel like I'm letting some obligations I made slip too far. I made several friends over the last couple of months and I really enjoy spending time with them. However, lately it's just been difficult to find the time. It seems rude to not have had any time with them over the past couple of weeks. Even my online only friends have suffered. On top of that I found one of my old high school friends and I'm working on catching up with them. For someone who's not very social normally I'm a little worried about my social calendar lately.

I guess the only thing to do is beg for forgiveness and patience and redouble my effort to stay connected. Even if it's just an e-mail every couple of days, a text, a phone call, which I suck at. The calling part more so than the talking part. I just don't want those people, that I do consider special, to feel like nothing more than acquaintances simply because of my crazy schedule lately. So if you are one of those people Amanda, Katie, Angela, Stephanie, please know that you are on my mind and I haven't forgotten about you and I am committed to continuing to build out friendships. I know it seems a little cheesy to say that en masse, but I'll send a more personal apology as well.

When I think about naming names like that it sounds sort of like a cattle call in a sense. I'm just rattling off four people's names and then they could potentially feel that individually they're not special to me. That's inaccurate. By naming names I'm saying they are EACH individually important to me. Otherwise it's just some nameless anonymous group of people, which to me is equivalent to saying "this bunch of acquaintances I haven't put enough effort into making real friends" aka "frankenfriends".

But I do feel kinship with the people I've named. Stephanie, my former high school chum and part-time lover way back when. Amanda my confident, late night muse, and the person who made me worry the most about Federal Prison. Katie, my conservative/tea-party Glenn Beck-loving, zen, artist, walking buddy. Angie, my law-enforcement, out-doorsy, don't-call-it-canoeing friend, who's only a pinch less flirty than I am ;). I feel like it's important to call people out when they are important to you. Kind of a name it and claim it kind of thing. Well, friends, I'm claiming you, in the only way I know how to right now. Plus I like honesty. I like just saying things like they are and letting people know that they aren't a secret. I'm not hiding anything. The wife knows (almost everything ;)). Of course now she'll want to know what the wink is for and what I'm hiding. But I won't tell. :P