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Pettiness, selfishness, and being a brat

I'm finding myself in a very foul mood after a friend reneged on coming over and sharing some drinks by the bonfire. I don't know why I let it upset me so much but it just gets to me. I get it, they had a long day, work tomorrow, yada, yada. I shouldn't be upset, it happens. I'm just in this place right now where I very much want to win. I want to say to someone, "why don't you come over" and they say "that sounds like a great idea!" I want to tell my child "go do your chores" and hear "yes, sir!" I want to tell someone at work "this is how we're going to do it" and they say "okay, let's do that!"

Instead I hear excuses as to why they can't. Can't because I'm tired. Can't because my hand has a cut. Can't because someone else said to do something else. Can't because it's a this night or a that night. Excuse after excuse.

Then all I can think about is how selfish I'm being. I can only think of how petty I am for not trying to see it from their side. Then I feel like a giant brat. I feel like one of those 5 year-olds in the store throwing himself down on the ground yelling and kicking because his mommy won't buy him a toy.

I just need to remember that this world isn't all about me. I'm not in control. I can only ask, I can only offer, and what others do is up to them. I will enjoy their company when I can, when it's convenient, and I will stop trying to make them jump at my whim. Who am I to dictate anyway.