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Even men cry

Right now I just want to cry and scream and rage! Nothing can spur a righteous man to violence as quickly as violence!

I've been sitting idly by listening to a friend tell story after story of what some may consider neglect, but what I consider abuse. Regardless of how many times I point to what it is, she backs off, excuses what she says. Attempts to put her partner in a better light. Typical victim mentality.

So tonight I came across this site on Help Guide -

Reading that article just drove it home for me. Remembering my own mother's cycle of victimization at the hands of a boyfriend or husband. Now I'm forced to sit idly by while my friend suffers abuse at the hands of a man who by all outward appearance is a "great guy", but behind closed doors is a one man wrecking ball, destroying her spirit, sanity, and ability to cope with the world.

I can't take it anymore. I feel like I need to do something but can't. All I can do is hope that she'll see the cycle and stop it before it destroys her and her children. I can only hope that he'll get help and find a way to deal with his issues and get to being a better father and husband. That's my hope. But my fears outweigh my hopes by tons right now.