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John, how about Obama for the win!

"There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't."

I live in a world all my own mixed with "conservative" and "liberal" beliefs. In 2000 I wanted McCain as President. I thought he was amazing, honest, and noble. When he lost and put his full support behind G.W. I was devastated. Over the last 8 years a much different McCain has appeared and one that I could not possibly support.

Early in this campaign I was looking for one thing - consistency. I wanted a candidate who's words matched their voting records. I wanted a candidate who's rhetoric wasn't just THAT. Initially my candidate was Ron Paul.

While I didn't agree with everything that Ron Paul professed, I very much liked the intelligent and thoughtful way in which he spoke as well as how it matched his voting record. Any inconsistencies were relatively minor and could be attributed to "playing the game" but there were no scandals or skeletons that seemed to be lurking.

I still like Ron Paul. However, my vote is likely going to Barry this year. His values are closer to my own and he has some of the same qualities that caused me to lean toward Dr. Paul.

The skeletons in Obama's closet are almost laughable compared to McCain and Palin.

  • $75,000 to Michelle's first cousin once removed. No proof of wrong doing with the money or the appropriation
  • A friendly association with William Ayers, who likely has hundreds of such similarly "friendly" associations. No clear proof that they had any special relationship or close friendship. Ayers terrorist past has never been fully detailed or prosecuted. He's considered to be a fully functional member or the community and society in general and has on at least one occasion stated that the actions taken during that time were wrong and there were better less violent ways to enact change.
  • A friendly association with Anthony Rezko, purchasing a parcel of land from Rezko's wife at fair market value and once writing a letter in favor of a project that Rezko would be awarded the bid. So far no indication of wrong doing or breach of ethics.
  • Attending the church of Reverend Wright, who on regular occasion said some pretty hurtful and angry things.
  • Working with non-partisan group to get $3million in funding for a star projection system for a National Historic Landmark - The Adler Observatory - first opened in 1930. Currently using a broken 40 year old projection system that cannot project Jupiter and for which no replacement parts are available.

Wow that's a really condemning list there.

Now Palin and McCain, let's look at their skeletons:

  • Close personal friends with Charles Keating. Vacations together, drinking, business dealings etc.,.
  • Marrying another woman before the divorce is finalized with your first wife.
  • Ethics issues with Campaign Finance and breaking Campaign Finance rules blatantly during the '08 campaign.
  • Association with a secessionist movement in Alaska
  • Ethics violations regarding pressure to remove a brother-in-law from his job, and general abuse of power
  • Association with a religious organization that "hunts witches"
  • Possible tax evasion

We, people, tend to dismiss away the bad things that people in our circle do. We excuse away the small indiscretions and the questionable behavior. It's easy enough to excuse away Obama's associations as falling into this same pattern.

For example. I went to a church for 4 or 5 years which from day one I did not agree with the message being presented. However, I liked many of the people there. My wife and children had found a church home they enjoyed, and for a time I was willing to ignore the loathsome preaching and attempt to influence individuals down a different path. Eventually it became too much and I had to leave. However, could I be indicted at some point because I sat idly by as the pastor made inflammatory remarks? Surely. Could I be held to task due to remarks made on days that I wasn't even there? Probably so. That's just the way people are.

What has caused me to switch to Obama is the moderate and thoughtful way he presents himself. The black/white, 1/0, true/false people in the world are frustrated with his lack of details and his inability to commit to certain statements. To them it says "lack of experience" to me it says "I won't decide until I have the right information."

I think the plans that Obama has laid out so far have the right amount of detail to provide general direction, but lack the detail that would pigeon-hole this presidency into a bad direction or leave the American people with a sense of abandonment. Example: "No New Taxes" "Read my lips" or "If I’m ever in a position to call the shots, I’m not going to rush to send somebody else’s kids into a war."