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Depth in trite movie quotes

I often find an amazing amount of depth in what others might consider trite movie quotes. It's like a little bit of inadvertent zen... or is it, I wonder... I mean writers are certainly smart, at least some of them. Plus one would assume that if they are smart writers that they get inspiration by also being smart readers. So some philosophy must pass through their filter now and again. Right?

The Lost Art of Dreaming

In the midst of a down economy, airline bankruptcies, skyrocketing CEO pay (up 37% for the year), flagging retail sales, ongoing partisanship in government, and what will prove to be a sucktacular election season I'm left wondering where the dreamers have gone. We were once a society of dreamers. Our families came here looking for better lives and endured amazing hardships to secure those lives. Sometimes this came at the cost of sacrificing themselves to the elements and losing other loved ones in the arduous journey.

Where's the center?

I'm sick of congress and their partisanship, sick of obstructionism, vile rhetoric, complacency, status quo. I'm tired of being told what a horrible rating our president has (42%) while ignoring the fact that Congress rates in the single digits to low teens (9-13%) with as high as a 82% disapproval rating.

It's in the manifest

Pursuit of wealth for the sake of wealth is the 21st century's Manifest Destiny. People and businesses are attempting profit at any cost, because it's legal, their right, what people and businesses are supposed to do; short term goals do not equate to long term survival.

Profit taking and specifically, laying off employees, while necessary at times, can be the same as firing both a customer and advertiser. It's the inverse of workers negotiating themselves out of a job by demanding more and more perks. Companies are profiting their way out of business.

The worst lies are the ones we tell ourselves

For a very long time I've been living in a sort of limbo. Friend limbo. I have a few acquaintances at work, some of which I've known for years, some I might consider good friends. However, when it comes time for the weekend I'm not the person they think of having over. I'll get invited to the big get-togethers, the ones where everyone is invited. It's the little "hey let's have dinner" or "come over and we'll watch [insert movie]" invitations that are missing.

The Value of Scarcity in Friendships

I believe that we as a society struggle with being social and making friends at a fundamental level. I believe the crux of the problem is the overwhelming variety and abundance of people we have to choose from. I believe this also drives divorce as well as the ever decreasing number of marriages.

Fixing national debt and entitlement programs

Social Security SUPPLEMENTARY Income = INSURANCE. Everyone pays a little in over time and only a subset draw out. SSSI should be based on need, not just an automatic payout. SSSI funds should be in an account that legislators CANNOT RAID, EVER! One serious problem with SS is that when there's significant money in the account, the government borrows against it with no real plan for how to replace that money.


"Many who before regarded legislation on the subject as chimerical, will now fancy that it is only dangerous, or perhaps not more than difficult. And so in time it will come to be looked on as among the things possible, then among the things probable;–and so at last it will be ranged in the list of those few measures which the country requires as being absolutely needed. That is the way in which public opinion is made." - From Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

It's complicated

It's complicated making new friends when your daily interactions revolve around work and more work at home. I haven't exactly bonded with any of the kids friends' parents. Mainly because I don't see them often enough to even start a conversation. The people I work with I struggle to find common ground that would allow us to connect outside of work. I like them for the most part, but it's just connecting with them on something that isn't work or kids.

Crazy week

This week certainly didn't work out as expected. Crazy busy with no sense of accomplishment. Work is... well... it's certainly a challenge from an emotional level. Much more than it should be. It makes me think much more seriously about Jarod Spool's advice regarding winning over executives, summed up as "if they don't get it, it might be time to move on."


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