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Oscar found what looked to be an old farm road. The gate in front of it had long since disintegrated, leaving behind only two poles to mark it's location. It hadn't been used in a long time either, because the grass stood almost knee high. The only reason he knew there was a road there was just that slight dual indentation left behind from years of a truck wearing a path back and forth.

10 Steps to Happy Relationships

Be self-aware
Know what positives and negatives you bring into the relationship with you. Focus on the positives, but don't ignore the negatives, acknowledge them without accepting them. Understand that what you may see as a positive, others might not and what you see as a negative other's might see as a positive.


I hate spite. I hate when people are purposefully mean to one another for no other reason that to be mean and hurt the other person. It's rude and disrespectful and doesn't show love or compassion for your fellow man. It doesn't gain anything but hurt. It doesn't correct any bad behavior. It just brings more and more and more pain and destroys trust.

Incomplete Story Idea - The Ritual

Lee came home and followed her typical wind-down ritual; Straight to the bedroom, pee, wash her hands and face, and then a few minutes sitting peacefully on the bed with her thoughts before getting dressed. It was the same thing every time she came home and the routine was comforting to her. She didn't even bother saying hi to anyone or kissing her boyfriend. Just straight to the room for 15 minutes of quiet.

A Skeptic's Last Day In Utopia

He laid in what he now knew was his death bed. His final moments of life were ebbing away and each breath became harder and harder. He caressed the flannel sheets underneath him, remembering the warmth of a bed and a once happy home he'd left a lifetime ago. He couldn't ever bring himself to call this place home after that. To him, this place was a lie.

Sex in the Dressing Room

It's a metaphor.

I was thinking about this sort of dichotomy in how we talk about the objectification of women but not men. How there's a perception that a man asks a woman to dress for him, or more specifically dress sexy for him, that it means the man is objectifying the woman and that's bad and he's a bad person. However, if the woman wants the man to dress "nice" for her, it is completely different and she has no untoward agenda.


He always worried that when he called he would be greeted with some horrible news. That his grandfather or some other family member would answer only to inform him that his grandmother had been gone for weeks. It was probably his own guilt eating away at him for not calling her more often. He always promised he would, but then remember later that it had been months and he still hadn't called. So it was, and all he could do now was wait painfully as each ring of the phone went unanswered.

Moral Dilemnitude

Yeah it's not a real word. So what!

We often face moral dilemmas in our life, moments of hypocrisy, or times when we work counter to some rule or measure. So the question becomes how do we define what's right... and what's wrong. Do we believe there is a fixed right or wrong, like there is a black and white; Fixed coordinates on a scale. Or like color are there shades of more wrong or more right and do some things look more wrong or more right based on the proximity of other colors (contexts)?

What keeps me up at night

I've had some experience in my lifetime with the issue of stalkers. Recently the problem has kept me up at night, on edge, worrying about the safety of someone I hold dear to me.

The Cloud

David Saintloth had a post about reasonable defaults when collecting EXIF data for photos (time/date, GPS, camera info, etc.,.) For example that cameras should just collect the data automatically instead of prompting and we can determine at a later date, during publication/sharing, what data we want to go out into the world. The premise would be to allow that metadata to be more useful to us when we want to sort or organize our photos.


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